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Godrej Light Diesel Forklift


  • Capacity: 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0 Ton
  • Lift Height: 3 mtr – 7.2 mtr
  • Power: Diesel
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Description: Our rugged and safety-focused Godrej Diesel forklift services cater to nearly half of the industry’s material handling needs. With their user-friendly design, easy maintenance, and long refueling cycles, these forklifts are optimized for uninterrupted productivity. Employing diesel forklifts can significantly enhance material handling efficiency while ensuring the safety of operators, cargo, and machinery.

As the most potent lift trucks available, Godrej Diesel forklifts conquer gradients in warehouses and storage facilities, facilitating seamless material movement. Their adaptability to any terrain or uneven surface makes them ideal for outdoor applications. Additionally, Godrej offers innovative attachment solutions, such as clamp attachments for white goods handling in warehouses, enhancing the versatility of these forklifts. With superior performance and safety features, our diesel forklifts are the trusted choice for efficient and secure material handling operations.


Additional information

  • Colour Mid-Grey
  • Size 400ml
  • Brand Fosroc
  • MPN FEX9540


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