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Service Details

  • Short and Long term Hiring contracts

  • New and Pre owned equipment to choose from, depending on your application and usage.
  • Scope of contract may include the equipment & operator.

Highest Expectations

We provide the option to rent Godrej Electric Trucks on a long-term basis, enabling your company to stay asset-light while eliminating the burden of maintenance. You have the flexibility to choose from our diverse fleet of new and preowned trucks, ensuring you find the perfect forklift that aligns with your application needs and budget.

What can we support with?

  • Comprehensive Forklift Solutions

  • Forklift Sales

  • Forklift Rentals

  • Forklift Service and Maintenance

  • Forklift Parts and Accessories

  • Forklift Safety Training

Finding Solutions To Your Material Handling Needs

The choice will vary based on different factors and how you intend to use it, but our team will
provide guidance and recommend the most optimal solution for your needs.

RTO registration is necessary only if you plan to use the equipment in public premises, and it applies
primarily to diesel forklifts, while electric forklifts may not require it in most cases.

Only individuals with a valid driving license can operate one of these machines, and in India, a
separate forklift license is not mandatory; any valid four-wheeler driving license should suffice.

Absolutely, Banks do offer loans for Material Handling Equipment. Our team will be there to assist
you throughout the process.

Material handling equipment finds application in a diverse range of industries, including aerospace,
defence, appliances, chemicals, food, agriculture, general engineering, heavy engineering,
pharmaceuticals, packaging, logistics, and more.